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Make 2nd under Murals

In creating public art I can do work that resurrects the history of a particular place and creates a living monument in that community. I begin this process with much research and exploration into a town’s history. The selection of subject matter is finalized by cross-referencing this research with local community members and boards. The most defining characteristics of a region can range from natural landmarks, to buildings, to historical figures, to special attractions, to local traditions. My expertise is in taking these individual images and weaving them harmoniously together to produce a highly refined historical and cultural collage.

The goal of the final product is to yield a beautiful visual immersion into this world. All along the West Coast I’ve helped weave these stories back to life with subject matters spanning from the driving history of Route 66 in CA, to sports history in Portland, Oregon, to firefighting history in Calgary, AB, to mining and aboriginal history in the state of Alaska. It’s an honor to give rebirth to the magical history of diverse communities through public art and to foster an enriching experience that transcends the moment. The heart of the human experience is universal and crosses cultural boundaries and time. This oneness is to be celebrated