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I’m Clayton Conner and I create collaborative, celebratory visions of mural art that blend realism and storytelling. The possibilities are endless when you thoughtfully construct a piece of art fueled with culture and spirit. Raised in Southern California and migrating up the west coast to the Yukon, I’ve spent the last two decades delivering beautiful art pieces in diverse styles, techniques and sizes. I love creating unique expansive murals and culture specific installations. Once we discuss your objectives and the site-specific values for your artwork, the objects and colors will theme together easily and I guarantee your satisfaction with a durable and striking piece. Public works of art will often involve and require community engagement. Whether I oversee an all hands on deck mural or do an interactive presentation of a finished piece, this community work supports my vision that artistic expression is a human right that makes a profound contribution to humanity. My customer service record is flawless and I hope a look at my references will compel you to agree.

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